Bellyboat Repair Glue

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You have an inflatable boat and want to equip it with accessories such as handles or rod holders? With our workshop glue you can easily and free of charge attach the desired accessories from home in no time. Whether rod holders, oarlocks, echo sounder holder, RibPort or D-rings. Every PVC accessory can be glued to the PVC bellyboat skin with this glue.
The glue is also very suitable for repairs on the dinghy. With this adhesive, wooden elements such as transoms can also be glued to the PVC boat skin.


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Bellyboat Repair Glue

High-end PVC glue bellyboat. For glueing accessories on the Bellyboat. Very high quality one component adhesive with extremely high final adhesion. Also used by manufacturers and production of rubber boats. Learn how easy it is to attach accessories to your Float Tube. This PVC glue bellyboat is very convenient to work with and also durable. 200ml can