Short Description

The Floatmaster XL is ‘Float Plus Ready’ so it is compatible with the ‘Float Plus Pro System’ which enables you to fish longer distances with the smart integrated electronic motor.

– 0,9 mm. PVC

– Very easy to inflate thanks to the ‘bajonet-valve’

– High and dry guarenteed!

– Weight: ca 11.3kgs

– Carry weight: circa 158kgs

– Free Pump included

– Oars and Float Plus motor are sold separately


Delivery time will be a bit longer than usual as it has to be re-ordered from a supplier

Product Details


This tubeless float tube has three separate airchambers in the body, as well as an inflatable seat and extra airdeck.

FLOATMASTER XL FLOAT TUBE is 1.70 meter long and 1.10 meter wide. With this model you sit definitely above the water surface, even when you are 300 pounds, you still sit comfortably high and dry.

Belly Boat InstructIon GuIde

• Never fish alone and have a fishing buddy with you.
• Always make use of a life jacket (ideally with a whistle attached to it).
• Carry a fully charged mobile phone with you – either in a waterproof bag (e. g. aLOKSAK® waterproof pouch) or underwater housing.
• A small folding anchor with about 30 to 40 metres of suitable line can proof to be very useful on the Baltic Sea or on great lakes. With that at hand you are well prepared in case of an emergency.
• Be careful when fishing in strong and offshore winds – never take a risk!
• If the inflated float tube has been stored you need to check the air pressure before you use it again, because naturally the volume decreases in the course of time.
• It might be helpful to carry on you a waterproof torch and a headlamp and/or light stick when you plan to fish from dusk till dawn.
• Wear flippers. It is, literally, so much easier to cover distance.
• You should not fish during a thunderstorm.

• Fill all air chambers evenly.
• Beware of too much air pressure. Many bursts happen during a break, when the float tube lies in direct sunlight, which causes the air pressure to increase.
• Always rinse the float tube with freshwater, after you have been fishing in saltwater. Especially clean the zippers!
• If you have enough available space store the tube halfway inflated. Badly insulated attics are not a good idea due to the possible fluctuations in temperature.
• You plan to store your float tube without any air and to avoid mould stains make sure the float is absolutely dry.

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