Fun Yak Secu 15 Rescue Boat

Short Description

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Engine panel
Load off kit
Mooring ring
Chromed drain plug
Mooring cleat
Rear lockers
Transversal bench
Anti-slipping floor
Carrying handles
Deck lashing


Dynamic console
Lateral bench
Reversible console


Delivery time will be a bit longer than usual as it has to be re-ordered from a supplier

Product Details

The Fun Yak Secu 15 Boat 4.5m is in widespread use as a rescue craft with Yacht Clubs, Fire Brigades and rescue agencies but is equally useful for fishing and general purpose use.

Available in Grey or Red


V-shaped hull
Double rotomoulded hull
Design category – D
8 passengers: 600 kg load (distributed)
Passengers + equipment: 670 kg load
Design category – C
6 passengers: 450 kg load (distributed)
Passengers + equipment: 510 kg load
Maximum outboard engine :
50 HP i.e. 37 kW outboard
Long shaft / maximum weight: 112 kg
Recommended: 30HP i.e. 22 kW

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Over-all length :4,50 m
Over-all breadth :1,85 m
Depth :0,55/0,87 m
Weight (without load) :240 kg