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As fast as you have mounted the Flex encoder rod on the side wall, you can quickly loosen it again via a pin pin and store it safely.
The KED Flex has a length of 120cm and weighs only 3.5kg. ( Personalized dimensions are also possible on request. In order to be able to easily defy increased water resistance, the encoder bar has an additional stabilizer. The Flex encoder bar can be adjusted on the side of the side wall and is suitable for mounting on both sides. In addition, the encoder rod is infinitely height-adjustable via a pipe clamp.
Material: stainless steel V2A (not suitable for permanent use in salt water)
Diameter of the encoder rod 16 mm
Thickness of the encoder rod 2 mm
The mounting plate is part of the scope of delivery.


Product Details


The flagship of Kaiser stainless steel, the original KED Flex encoder rod. For years, the Flex Geberstange has been an integral part of the most modern fishing boats in Europe.
The encoder rod is mounted on an adapter plate by means of a mounting plate included in the scope of delivery. This is attached to the curb or to the railing. For boats without a profile rail, the adapter plate can be attached directly to the side wall. (GRP boats) The appropriate adapter plate/railing adapter for the different boat models and side wall widths can be found in the shop.
Bracket includes quick release base, spacer clamp and direction arm.