Energy Research 12volt 100amp Li-po4

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Power: 12V – 100AH
Easy handling
E-Boating | Fishing | Recreational | Off-Grid
Battery monitoring by app
USB port | Charge your phone


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Energy Research 12volt 100amp Li-po4

Lithium Battery (LiFePO4)

100 AH IP65 – waterproof design for life at sea.

App to check the battery status is available to download on your smartphone

2,000 charging cycles

The BMS is programmed to allow a discharge of 100%, far exceeding the discharge possibilities of AGM and Gel batteries. BMS ensures that you cannot damage the battery by over-discharging and thereby risking the life span of the battery.

Strong, compact, super light and safe

Wide range of uses including trolling motors, fish finders for multiple days on the water, electric engines, caravans, lighting etc.

12V specification:

Capacity: 100ah
Nominal Voltage 12.8V

Full Charge Voltage 14.6V
Size (LxWxH) without package 325*170*235mm
Size (LxWxH) with package(UN casing size) 530*320*350mm
Max Charge Current 60AMP
Standard charge 10AMP
Max Continuous Discharge Current 120AMP
Usable WATTS: 1280WH
Battery Type LiFePO4
App + Bluetooth: Yes
Casing Protection: Yes
Parallel: Up to 2
In Series: No
Weight without package +/-10.5kgs
Weight with package +/-12KGS