Navionics Chart U.K. & Ireland Lakes & Rivers

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Chart Code: NAEU072R

Detailed coverage of major lakes and rivers of the UK and Ireland. Coverage includes the Thames, Medway, Mersey, Avon and Tweed Rivers in the UK and the Shannon River in Ireland. Lake coverage includes Lock Ness, Loch Lochy and Lough Neagh in the UK.


Product Details

Navionics Chart U.K. & Ireland Lakes & Rivers

Navionics comprehensive electronic navigation charts provide the most up-to-date cartography and navigation data for boaters across the globe.

Derived from multiple official, government and private sources, Navionics cartography seamlessly combines offshore and inland content, offering clear, reliable cartography for the widest range of chartplotter brands (chartplotter compatibility can be checked at

The Navionics+ solution offers detailed integrated mapping, 0.5 metre HD contours, advanced features such as Dock-to-Dock route guidance technology1, and access to daily updates via the Navionics Chart Installer software.

This product is supplied as a microSD card for easy installation on compatible marine devices. Once activated, the user will enter a one-year, renewable subscription, enabling access to daily updates and advanced features.

For full subscription details, please see the downloadable PDF or visit the Navionics website.

– Type: Navionics+

– Region code: EU072R

– Coverage areas: UK, Ireland Lakes & Rivers

– Size: Regular


Navionics+ chart functionalities:

• Sonarchart™ HD Bathymetry maps: Displaying up to 0.5 metre contours for a more detailed depiction of bottom structure, for improved fishing and navigation

• Community Edits: The Community Edits content layer can be downloaded to any Navionics card allowing the user to view valuable, local information contributed by Navionics Boating app users on a compatible chartplotter

• Dock-to-Dock Route Guidance: Navionics advanced route guidance technology* uses boat settings with chart data and frequently travelled routes, to calculate a suggested path to follow from start to end point

• Sonarchart Live Mapping Feature: This feature enables the user to create their own maps on the fly and watch new 0.5 metre HD bathymetry maps develop in real time as the boat moves along the water**

• Advanced Map Options: This option allows the user to change the way they view Navionics charts and focus on details that matter to them most, such as highlighting shallow areas, adjusting contour density or selecting a fishing range

• Plotter Sync: The user can transfer routes and markers, update charts and more between the plotter card and Navionics Boating app wirelessly. The user can also activate or renew their cartography subscription and upload sonar logs

*Route guidance is for planning purposes only and does not replace safe navigation operations

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