Quantum 2.10m 6.8 Vapor Detector Micro Jigging 7g

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Quantum 2.10m 6.8 Vapor Detector Micro Jigging 7g

Firstly its Ultra-sensitive, as light as a feather and deceptively powerful! Such are the qualities of these slender Vapor rods in the Detector series. Secondly the highly sensitive tip action of the Toray IM9 high-modular graphite rod blank truly comes into its own. No inserted tips guaranteed. The all-in-one blank that continues to the point of a needle while also being highly rigid and lightning fast. The ‘Micro Jigging’ leaves nothing to be desired for genuine lovers of the smallest casting weights. It is the ‘feel’ of the lure during the sinking phase and when it hits the bottom that makes this rod series so special as a result. Quantum 2.10m 6.8 Vapor Detector Micro Jigging 7g

Despite the slender tip, the backbone has sufficient power to strike at long-range and to land even large predators with ease. The handle is not too long and is logically adjusted to the respective rod length. Classic models of 2.1 metres for the boat, 2.4 metres for street fishing and a special 2.7-metre version for long-range fishing with micro-jigs! Every rod is perfectly balanced with no additional balance weights. The baitcaster model also has another special feature, the unique ‘Smart Trigga™’. This slightly angled handle ensures that the rod nestles even better against the forearm to create a harmonious grip! The highly slender EVA handle with integrated screw reel fitting sits easily in the hand, ensuring a flawless feel of the blank. This translates into fatigue-free fishing, improved concentration, better bait control, faster bite recognition, shorter reaction times and, consequently, more fish!

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