Quantum Freak of Nature Swimbait Tench

Short Description

The Quantum Freak of Nature Hybrid is a soft bait made of extremely strong yet surprisingly flexible and soft material. These lifelike imitations are so realistic it’s like fishing an actual baitfish!


Product Details

Quantum Freak of Nature Swimbait Tench Under the slogan ‘Freak of Nature’. Quantum presents a range of artificial lures in a particularly tough yet incredibly flexible soft plastic material and very natural imitations! Fish so deceptively realistic they could be mistaken for a livebait on your line. For us, however, imitating nature does not just mean getting the appearance and colours right. It is also essential to create the matching swimming behaviour. This lure action, combined with the deceptively realistic silhouette of a fish, leaves predators with no other choice but to attack. The ‘Freak of Nature’ family comprises three main imitation fish that feature highly on the menu of pike, catfish, zander and perch. The tench, pike and catfish lures par excellence. They are found on every water, cover long distances in small shoals, swim in open water and feed on the bottom.