Quantum Mr. Pike Bank Float

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Quantum Mr. Pike Bank Float 3m 175g

The Mr.Pike Boat Float is a 2-piece rod with a length of 3m, 5+1 rings and a casting weight of 3lbs. The rod is specially designed for float fishing. A deadbait rod for specialist pike fishing from a boat. The stiff, fully parabolic action ensures that every strike hits home even over long distances. A classic modern deadbait rod. Slender and classy; a winning combination for the modern predator angler
BOAT ROD: A modern deadbait rod for float fishing from a boat
CLASSIC SECTIONS: 2-piece rod in a classy design with a length of 3m (10 foot)
FEATURES: The Mr.The Pike Boat Float is finished with 5+1 rings
SECURE HOOKING: The casting weight of 3lbs ensures that strikes hit home reliably even over long distances
FEWER LOST FISH: A modern deadbait rod with a fully-parabolic action all the way down to the handle