Quantum Mr. Pike Ghost Float Rig

Short Description

Quantum Mr. Pike Ghost Traces Float Rig 50cm

Length: 50cm
– Breaking straing: 40lbs (18kg)
– Material leader: Ghost-Wire carbon steel
– Number in packaging: 1
– Hook material: high quality carbon steel
– Number of dredges: 1 or 2
– Co-created with sports fishing expert Jens Bursell and Quantum
– Up to 90% more effective than other methods
– Handmade and subject to strict final inspection
– Inconspicuous composition
– Equipped with original AFW sleeves


Product Details

Quantum Mr. Pike Ghost Float Rig White 50cm leaders are made of inconspicuous steel for fishing in open water for example. With this leader Quantum has developed a perfect pike leader for fishing with the float. The Quantum Mr. Pike Ghost Traces Float Rig is equipped with high quality carbon steel hooks on 40lbs (18kg) of Ghost-Wire carbon steel leader material.

In addition to the unique AFW leader material, only original AFW sleeves in the correct format are used to ensure consistent quality. All leaders are handmade, carefully assembled and subjected to a strict final inspection. As a result b better hook up and catch rate using these rigs.

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Quantum Mr. Pike Ghost Float Rig