Quantum Mr. Pike Long Cast Leader

Short Description

Features :
Pike Trace for distance fishing for pike with dead bait fish
Leader length: 60cm
Carrying capacity: 13,6kg – 30lbs
Color as shown: Camouflage
integrated loop for fixing the bait fish for powerful throws
with carbon steel hook
Robust design with crimp sleeves
Scope of delivery: 1 pike trailer with selected hook size.


Product Details

Quantum Mr. Pike Long Cast Leader

Quantum Mr Pike Long Cast Leader Hook – Steel Trace – The Quantum Mr. Pike Predator program has been developed for deadbait fishing for pike with dead bait fish. The Predator Trace is universally applicable, because it can be used with Posemontagen as well as with basic moorings in pike fishing. In addition, the pike rig is designed for long distance fishing for pike, because the dead bait fish can be fixed to the loop and thus withstands powerful throws. The pike system is camouflage, which means that it adapts in color to the body of water and therefore also suspicious pikes do not suspect. The two sturdy carbon-steel triptych hooks are very sharp and can easily withstand the fight with a capital and strong pike.