Radical Bucket Combo with Stand

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Radical Bucket Combo with Stand

This Bucket Stand makes life much easier when feeding with a bait rocket. It holds our Radical buckets perfectly as well as most other common buckets. A rod can be placed to the side, eliminating annoying stooping when feeding.
Three Zebco bank stands 80cms
The Radical Camo Bucket is a classic bucket with unique Radical camouflage design. The bucket is equipped with a strong metal handle. The supplied lid closes the bucket very securely and even liquids can be transported safely from a to b. The bucket is made of durable polypropylene/ polyethylene so resistant to damage.

Contents: 10l
– Colour: Camouflage
– Material: Polypropylene/ polyethylene
– Dimensions: 25 × 29 × 21cm
– Secured closing lid
– Strong handle
– Comfortable handle
– Beautiful finish
– Ideal manageable size