Rhino Flasher Release Rig

Short Description

Model l and XL
Length 22cm and 30cm
Contents 1 pcs


Product Details

Rhino Flasher Release Rig

Rhino Flasher Release Rig is a brilliant aid for flasher users!

Fighting the fish is always more challenging with flashers, as they create additional resistance on the line and naturally tend toward a spinning motion. This may prove fatal with a lively salmon at the other end of the line! Rhino’s flasher release rig solves this issue at once by removing the unwanted additional resistance during the fight. The rig is attached to the flasher with the included snap swivels. As the fish bites, the tail of the flasher is detached from the main line (magnet), while the nose of the flasher remains attached. This prevents the flasher from spinning, and instead it just hangs on. This ingenious tool makes your fight significantly easier!

Rhino is a high-quality specialist brand for trolling anglers. Rhino’s products are designed especially for trolling for Atlantic salmon, but they are also great options to use when trolling in inland waters. High-quality products for trolling at reasonable prices!

Click here to see a video of how this product works (German sorry)

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