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XL QUANTUM DRIFT BAG 140CM 100CM is Extremely effective driftbag working on a similar principle to a paraglider. Packs away to a very compact size and unfurls to its full size underwater to put the brakes on a boat like no other driftbag when drifting.

Perfect for larger boats or to slow down your drift right down.

Sea Anchor, Storm Drogue, Sea Brake, Parachute Anchor, Drift Sock: these are several names used to describe devices deployed to create drag on a vessel in open water. No matter how many different monikers you find out there, they are referring to one of two types, 1) a parachute or cone shaped piece of fabric dragged from the bow (most accurately called a Sea Anchor), or 2) a fabric cone or series of cones dragged from the stern (most accurately called a Drogue).