Rebelcell Starter Motor Battery

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Rebelcell Starter Motor Battery

NEW! The Rebelcell Start is the ultimate lithium starter battery for starting all (gasoline powered) outboard engines to 200 HP. Performing in all weather conditions it delivers a high starting current and conveniently charges via the alternator of your outboard. By replacing your lead starter battery you can save up to 70% in space and 25kg in weight on board.
Starting pulse current: 300A (@ -12°C) to 470A (@ +15°C)
Application: starter battery for (gasoline powered) outboards to 200 Hp.
Weight: 2.3 kg
Ease of use: charges via alternator of outboard, protected by BMS, voltage display

COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT: weighs just 2.3 kg and replaces lead starter-batteries up to 30kg. Saves up to 70% of space on board.
HIGH EASE OF USE: Suitable for use in alle weather conditions. Recharges via your outboard. Low self-discharge, no maintenance required, voltage display.
EASY INSTALLATION: Drop in replacement of lead starter battery.
TOP PERFORMANCE: Starting pulse 300A (@ -12°C) to 470A(@ +15°C).
Suitable for starting outboards to 200 Hp in all seasons.
RELIABLE AND LONG LIFE: BMS protects battery from deep discharge, high charge currents, high / low temperatures. Expected service life: 10 years.
WARRANTY: two years.


1For optimal performance of the battery we recommend to charge the Start with the Rebelcell 14.6V3A battery charger, prior to first use or when the Start is deep discharged, In normal use the Start is recharged via the outboard alternator.
2The Start has been designed as a starter battery for outboards up to 200 Hp only. It is NOT suitable to start other machinery or equipment (such as cars, caravans, RVs, tractors etc.). It is also NOT suitable as power supply for marine electronics, depth sounders, lighting etc. You always need to connect such equipment to a separate battery.
3The Start is splash-water proof according to the IP54 standard. It cannot be fully immersed in water or handle heavy rains. To avoid problems install in a battery compartment below deck and protect from rain or water.