Rhino Trout Killer 8.5 cm Trolling Lure

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– Length:85 mm
– Weight:12 g


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Rhino Trout Killer 8.5 cm Trolling Lure

High-quality trolling lure designed especially for sea and lake trout, as well as landlocked salmon. We also recommend offering this to Atlantic salmon when they are going after smaller prey! Glorious, highly effective colors, most of which include UV coating.

Rhino is a high-quality specialist brand for trolling anglers. Rhino’s products are designed especially for trolling for Atlantic salmon, but they are also great options to use when trolling in inland waters. High-quality products for trolling at reasonable prices!

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Rhino Trout Killer 8.5 cm Trolling Lure is perfect lure for trolling but can also be used for casting from either boat or the bank.

Tips for Summer Trout trolling Trout move deeper in the water column to seek out cool water as summer sets in and surface waters warm. Trout often inhabit depths around the thermocline. They transition between the warm and oxygenated surface layer and the cool, low-oxygen lower layer. Use leadcore line to present baitfish-imitating crankbaits and spoons in the depth zone trout are inhabiting. As a general rule, each color on the leadcore line (about 30 feet) adds 5 feet of depth to the presentation. Tie on a 6- to 10-foot leader and attach the lure with a cross-lock snap. Troll at 2 to 4 mph over deep structure and along steep breaklines.