Rhino bait holder rig

Short Description

Medium Bait holder size with hook size 4
Rig Size 120cm


Product Details

Rhino bait holder rig

Fishing with natural baits for salmon, xerox trout and cod in baitholders is becoming increasingly popular. However, many anglers have the prob- lem of how to attach a successful leader. With the ready-made leader from Rhino, this question is now a thing of the past. Available in four colours and two baitholder sizes, ready for unwinding from our specifi- cally-designed EVA winders. Equipped with two permasteel VMC 9650 treble hooks as well as high-quality monofilament with a diameter of 0.50 mm. Everything is perfectly harmonised and carefully tied. Definitely Rhino bait holder rig is a perfect tool to have in your tackle box.

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