Salmo Fatso 14 Floating

Short Description

Available in different colors!
– Unique jerkbait
– Length: 14cm
– Weight: 85g
– Dive depth: 1-1.5m
– Floating
– Lazy action
– Can be fished in different ways
– Also works perfectly when trolling
– Great for both the beginner and advanced angler!


Product Details

Salmo Fatso 14 Floating


The Salmo Fatso 14 Floating is a unique cross between a wobbler and a jerkbait and offers unprecedented new possibilities to predator anglers. At first, the lazy action of this plug is reminiscent of a large spoon. However, any skilled predator angler who has used the Fatso as a twitchbait, jerkbait or wobbler, or even trolled behind a boat, knows how highly effective this lure is.

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