SALMO Fatso 14 Sinking

Short Description

almo Fatso Limited Edition Colours

– Available in several variants
– Length: 14cm
– Weight: 115gr
– Depth: 2-3m
– Limited Edition
– Sinking lure
– Lazy action
– Can be fished in different ways
– Also works perfectly when trolling
– Great for the beginner as well as the experienced angler


Product Details

Salmo Fatso 14 Floating

The Salmo Fatso 14 Sinking has a fairly lazy action and wobbles back and forth. The lure can be used as a jerkbait, twitch bait and spinner. These lures are also very effective when trolled behind the boat. The Salmo Fatso can’t be fished wrong and is therefore very suitable for both beginners and experienced anglers. Now available in Limited Edition colours!


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