Rhino Salmon Doctor Large

Short Description

Colours 4
Size L – 132mm
UV-active Yes


Product Details

Rhino Salmon Doctor Large

Large 132mm 31g with size 3/0 hook

Ultra-agile flutter spoon for trolling for trout, sea trout and salmon. The honeycomb structure provides tantalising light reflexes. Also combined with the colour designs put together by the Rhino trolling team, make the Freddi Flutter irresistible. And as a total innovation for the market, the model is also available as an ultra-large 190 mm salmon spoon. Always a tremendous asset when the silver torpedoes are preying on herring. Every angler should always have an adequate supply of both sizes on board.

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Rhino Salmon Doctor

Trolling with spoons is a technique practiced and enjoyed everyday by thousands of fresh water anglers across the country. It’s an easy-to-learn and use method which is particularly effective in lakes and reservoirs for large fish such as coho and chinook salmon, brown, and lake trout, striped bass and several varieties of rainbow trout.
Spoons are effective because they closely resemble and imitate the action of crippled baitfish . . . food which makes up a large part of the diet of predatory gamefish.

In large fresh water lakes and reservoirs time of day isn’t nearly as critical as locating the preferred temperature level for the fish species you are seeking and the thermocline.